Thunder Thursday: OutTV

I may win my place in the Crazy Cat Lady Hall Of Fame for admitting this, but…one of my criteria for the new house was that it had to have good windows for Kitten Thunder. And I got my wish! I didn’t even have to have a stand-off with The Boy because this house came available and also happens to have everything else we were looking for. No “yes, THAT house has a roof and heat and everything, but THIS house has better programming on OutTV.”


The window in my office is at kitty condo height and looks out on the garage and our backyard neighbor’s trees. It’s a favorite spot for both boys.

"I wonder if The Boy would cook a ring necked dove for me..."

 The front windows look out on the yard through some bushes. The windows are low so the boys can watch TV while standing on the floor. This is a great place to put bread to attract extra programming.

"Why don't the squirrels come when I call? I asked him nicely."

For Christmas, I asked for additional programming for OutTV. We received a squirrel feeder from my aunt and uncle. I’m not putting it up until Saturday (I should mention here that we didn’t “have” Christmas until last weekend, so I’m not totally behind on things) because I enjoy a little OutTV myself.


6 responses to “Thunder Thursday: OutTV

  1. Being the one responsible for the squirrel feeder, I cannot wait to hear about the antics of the squirrels while they try to figure out how to open the lid to get to the goodies inside. And post lots of pictures, please!

  2. I don’t think Callie Jean can see OutTV — she’s a little bit cross-eyed! But she does enjoy sitting in the window, so maybe we just don’t get the right channels!

  3. At my cats’ house, they requested and received an antique piano bench and a love seat so that OutTV in the living room is optimal. On the Bird Side of the house, they make do with the floor… Please don’t let Obi and Oliver advise them to beg for furniture there, too.

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