"If I pretend to make a call, can I have the nut?"

On Sunday we put up the squirrel feeder, cleverly disguised as an old-fashioned telephone. We also, luckily, cleared off the trunk in the dining room that is under the window. High-speed Kitten Thunder could have really done some damage to the stuff that was on there.

On Sunday there was very little action. At some point a squirrel came by and got the “teaser” peanut that was sticking out of the box. But no one saw it. So this morning I pulled another peanut out to tempt the squirrels, poured a cup of coffee, and settled in at the dining room table for some entertainment.

We were not disappointed! It started with a squirrel on the roof. And Obi about ready to go through the roof with excitement. Then another squirrel came onto the porch. As I was watching them try to figure out how to get to the peanut a third squirrel came from across the street. There was much bickering between the squirrels about how to get to that peanut. I’d love to show you video…but my brilliant idea of using the camera from work, which happened to be in my pocket, has been rendered less brilliant by the fact that I don’t have the editing software I need at home. And no, you can’t listen to what The Boy and I were saying at the time. So you’ll have to wait…I’ll be finding some software soon.

While the squirrels were trying to figure things out, Obi was running at top speed from the window in the dining room to the window in the living room. I can’t explain that; there was nothing going on outside the living room window. The Boy tells me that eventually Obi wasn’t even making it to the window, just getting to the living room and spinning around to come back. Excitement makes you do weird things, I guess.

A car drove by and someone opened their garage and the squirrels left without their peanut. But OutTV’s Squirrel Feeder is definitely a new favorite program. Even Oliver, who napped through the episode with squirrels in it, loves the new show.


7 responses to “Squirrel!

  1. How could Oliver nap through the most anticipated season premiere ever? In which we meet “The Squirrel” and his friend “The Other Squirrel” and their arch-nemesis “Yet Another Squirrel…”

  2. I need a squirrel feeder! I sit in front of my computer working all day and need some entertainment.

  3. I love the picture – and can’t wait for more news about squirrels really being able to figure out how to open the door. I can’t figure out if I feel sorry for Obi because he can’t get out – should I?

    • Based on the utter silliness that was Oli and Obi trying to catch a spider the other day, I’d say the squirrels could take Obi. He belongs inside where he is safe.

  4. awesomeness! We have squirrel tv and feeders too but nothing this cute!

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