Attack of the Cave Monster!

During the winter I like to keep a blanket on the couch to be extra cozy. Oliver likes to lay under the blanket with me. In the new house this is occasionally an issue when The Boy or Obi comes up and sits down on the space in front of me on the couch before I register that they are about to sit on Oli. The other issue is that my fuzzy, super-cozy blanket is not big enough for two people and up to two cats when we’re sharing the couch. Instead, we now have The Boy’s blue blanket. It solves the problem…and has invented a new game.

The blue blanket reaches the floor. And creates a cave. Obi would never snuggle under a blanket, but he is all about games like Bed Monster, Towel Monster and now…Cave Monster. As cave monster, Obi waits for someone to be “unsuspecting” outside the cave and then…ATTACK! If his attack causes him to leave the cave completely he walks, nonchalantly, to the window. Then to the other window. Dum dee dum dee dum. Then he sprints at full speed back to the cave. It’s a simple game, but it gives us the giggles.

The Boy was good for about 15 minutes of Cave Monster before he gave up in favor of being productive in a non-getting-bit-and-scratched way. Once The Boy was gone, I noticed Obi in my office trying to talk Oliver into being “unsuspecting.” Oli is still in the condo, fully suspecting.

"Beware the cave monster...bring tuna if you hope for safe passage."


4 responses to “Attack of the Cave Monster!

  1. This weekend, Chuckweasel and Callie Jean invented a new game they apparently call, “Jump Over Mommy.” Basically, I was stretched out on the floor asleep and Chuckweasel encouraged Callie Jean to take a running fit and leap repeatedly over my head. All was fun and games… until she missed. I now have a big ol’ scratch on my head whose origin had to be explained by a not-sorry-enough-by-a-damn-sight-Chuckweasel the next morning.

    • Heh heh. The Boy has had a lot of scratches on his back since we moved to the new house. Evidently there were no cats divebombing eachother from the headboard at his old house.

      I had a mystery scratch on the inside of my nose once. Finally figured it out one night when I woke up and Oliver was stretched out in front of me. He flexed his toes…and I realized one of those toes was inside my nose.

      • I have often had the Involuntary Nose Ring treatment… I also used to have a cat who would try to steal potato chips while you were eating them… by biting through your lip.

      • I’d have a real issue with that potato chip thing. Poco used to grab the bridge of my nose with her teeth and pull if I was ignoring her requests for breakfast. I have to say I don’t miss that. Though Oliver has started pulling my hair…I’m not a fan of that, either.

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