Obi is a Supah Star!

This is going to be a really short post. I just wanted to let you all know you’ve contributed to a real problem in our household. Now that Obi is a blog star, with something like FORTY fans, he has decided to quit his day job.

This morning I showered without ANY supervision. The Boy says he was supervised while brushing his teeth…but barely. And, when I came home tonight, no one met me at the door. I had to get inside, take off my coat, walk all the way to the living room, and find Obi on the rug to give him a belly rub.

This. Is. Shocking.

Hopefully our complaints will inspire Oliver, as Chief Executive Kitten, to give Obi a talking-to. Such behaviour will not stand just because Oli has been taking some extra medical leave as of late. If Obi gets back to his normal routine tomorrow MAYBE we’ll take today out of his vacation time and let things go at that. Maybe.


7 responses to “Obi is a Supah Star!

  1. Oh, Obi – you are in trouble now, buster! I know what happens to kitties who have bad attitudes about their very important jobs (demotion?suspension? or ?) Tsk, tsk.

  2. No more catnip, no more belly rubs – oh, no!!

  3. I haven’t been met at the door in a LONG time. Ever since we moved from the flat to our house my greeting has been abandoned in favour of sleeping on the comfy sofas.

  4. hmmm… unsupervised showering? what’s next, being allowed to use the toilet ALL BY YOURSELF?

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