Tens of Fans and Aiming Higher

“Do you think Dale Carnegie will help me influence people to open cans of tuna?”

As some of you know, Kitten Thunder has tens of fans. At first, the fame of forty fans went to Obi’s head and he tried to quit his day job. I’m happy to report that he has returned to work, greeting us at the door and offering a belly to rub after we’ve taken our coats off. My showers continue to go unsupervised but I can’t help but wonder if that has more to do with the evil plastic bag that attacked him in the bathroom the other day.

I found Obi on the bookshelf with my public relations books last night. Now, some of you may be thinking that this isn’t unusual. But:

"Is this what they mean by lofty goals?"

Obi is not a jumper. He routinely misses the jump to our window sills, three feet off the ground. Higher surfaces are Oliver’s only surefire way of escape when he’s over the thundering.

Clearly, you’ve inspired him to achieve greater heights.


4 responses to “Tens of Fans and Aiming Higher

  1. He still has to resume his duties as Shower Monitor, a single plastic bag attack is no excuse! Where would we be if George Washington had turned tail and run in the face of plastic bags? We’d be eating crumpets, that’s what!

    • It really was traumatic for him. The bag got all the way down around his back legs and he took off so fast it took me 20 minutes to find him and free him. He wet himself. In the bag, conveniently, so cleanup was easy. His little heart was just POUNDING.

      So we’ll give him a little while more to recover.

  2. Obi’s apparently high on his success.

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