Cuddle Thunder!

"A brother is better than a Snuggie."

 I annoy Kitten Thunder with all my picture taking. But they are so cute when they are laying together in the kitty condo.

"How many pictures of this can you take?"

 I’m sure they wonder how long I’ll take pictures of them laying together. The answer? Until it stops being cute. So…like…never.

"Hey, Obi, dig your elbow into that knot in my shoulder."

 Oliver doesn’t care if Obi lies on top of him. He’s four pounds heavier and bigger, so it always works best if he is already in the condo when Obi gets there. He’ll move if he feels like it to make room next to him. Or he won’t.

"Oliver, I want to wrestle. Wait, is that a SQUIRREL!?!"

 This was Obi standing over Oli, yanking on his scruff trying to get Oliver to thunder. Then a squirrel ran by on the garage.

" this going in the blog?"

 As you can see, they are loving having their picture taken. Again.

"I love watching OutTV with you, bro."

 Oliver was napping with his arm up over Obi. Then a squirrel ran by.

"Seriously, enough with the pictures. We're adorable. We get it. Our readers get it. Put the camera down and walk away."

Can’t…help…taking…pictures. Too…cute…for…words.

The Boy, by the way, is just as guilty. It proves a couple of things:
     1. Kitten Thunder is the ultimate team of cuteness.
     2. The Boy is super dedicated to helping me with this project.
     3. I have excellent taste in cats AND boys.

8 responses to “Cuddle Thunder!

  1. Ok, cutest picture of all is the second one – whose paw is that showing the little black kitty pad? My boys have pink pads – but black is oh so much more masculine, don’t ya think?

    • Yep, that would be Obi’s big black foot up there – if you look close you can see both feet in the air. Oli’s feet are white and his pads are marbled pink and dark brown. Suuuuuper cute!

  2. Aw, look at that fluffy love!

  3. I stand in awe of your picture-taking abilities — I have been trying to get a picture of Calpurnia Jean and the Conquest of the Ottoman Empire for weeks but she’s not having any of it!

  4. Super cute pictures! I’m crossing my fingers for you that the limp doesn’t return. Cats are so funny about their “habitat” and where they like to place their throne! You should try to dedicate a “cat sheet” that you can throw over the clean human sheets to catch the hair. That way Oliver gets his linen closet and the boy gets his clean sheets! We’ve had to do that at our house.

    • Thanks, Shannon! In an upcoming blog I’ll actually talk about the cupboards in this house – there are a TON of built-ins. He doesn’t really NEED to be in that particular closet. It’s just where he isn’t allowed so he’s obsessed. Also, in a flash of brilliance a couple years back…I fold my sheets inside out. So no hair on the people side for a whole 30 seconds before I start making the bed.

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