Futility can be fun!

Obi has a new game. Part of this game is making sure he stops playing it by the time I get out the camera, so I hope I can put the cuteness into words.

It starts with a perfectly adjusted window shade in The Boy’s office.

The setting for the new game. Note the more than sufficient window sill.

Obi sets up for the game with the proper amount of butt wriggling and thought. Then he leaps from the floor and grabs the doo-hickey (this is the official name for that piece of plastic at the end of the string; I looked it up, I swear) on the end of the string. Because he doesn’t have thumbs, he promptly falls back to the floor.

Most of the time he makes the effort to land on his feet. Most of the time.

Upon landing, Obi repeats the butt wriggle and jumps again. Over. And over. And over. And over. Clearly he is not actually interested in capturing the doo-hickey because he is completely aware of that window sill. He sits in it all the time to supervise our neighbors through their kitchen window. With Obi’s help Jeff has become an excellent dish washer.

As I said before, the game concludes when I re-enter the room with a powered up camera.  Rotten kid.


9 responses to “Futility can be fun!

  1. My cats have eaten the doo-hickeys in all my previous apartments. First they chew through the string, and then slowly work their way up until they can’t reach any higher.

  2. The best part of this entire post is your tag, which really did make me laugh out loud.

    My daughter plays the “be cute/play till I see the camera” game, too. Also the “be cute/play until mom calls dad in to look” game.

  3. Our apartment only has the big sliding-door windows, so Callie Jean has to content herself with just opening the blinds so the hillfolk can see me naked. She also enjoys rubbing on the glass to flirt with the neighborhood boy cats and making them howl at her in desperation (just like her mama!).

    • Poco had a suitor at my old house. An older gentleman, 22 to her 15 years, would come sing to her in the summer. When he passed the neighbors got a female cat who yelled nasty things at Oliver while he hunkered down in the window, trying not to let her see him. Not missing Miss Tiara much…

      • what kind of trashy neighbors allow their trashy daughter to holler things at a fine young man like Oliver? That girl sounds like trouble… do they take cats at the Home for Wayward Teens?

  4. Ahah bless, Kitalpha (one of mine) was obsessed with the long bedroom cord (above the bed) when i snapped it a month ago she went CRAZY with love for me purring and drooling and rolling around playing with it, I finally got her it when she couldn’t get it for herself. Needless to say she won’t let us put it back up.

    • We were talking last night about the string above our bed. Obi will “play quietly” when we’re trying to get to sleep by playing with that string – and bouncing it off my forehead. We finally realized that we could take about three feet off that cord so he can play and I can stop whisper/yelling “Obi! Obi! Stop!”

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