Where the deer and the antelope are on OutTV

We’ve got some fine crock pot action going in the kitchen. When we decided to make this beef crock pot recipe I asked The Boy if we should do mashed potatoes. I said “for a couple bucks we can get a tub or a box or however you want your mashed potatoes delivered.” He looked at me. He blinked. He blinked again. “How about making them, you know, from potatoes?”

So he’s in the kitchen, boiling and blending.

Because I once burned out the engine of a blender by attempting to mash raw Idaho potatoes, fresh from the potato patch, I am in my office. Blogging. Safely away from all appliances.

Today on OutTV, we had some special guests.

"Does anyone else feel like we're being watched?"

This group of pronghorn (antelope) live just outside the local Air Force base. There is a buck, his three girlfriends, and twin yearlings. With the deep snow covering the grass in their usual spot ON the onramp to the interstate, they’ve taken to wandering our neighborhood.

The jury is out about whether Obi saw them or if he was just excited that the people were watching OutTV with him. Oli was napping in the condo and saw nothing.


2 responses to “Where the deer and the antelope are on OutTV

  1. Wow nature delivered to your door 🙂

  2. we have a mess o’deer that live near the radio station, I think it’s a mama with several daughters/granddaughters etc and one young buck who’s still too young to go out of his own. But the old “matriarch” deer is twice as mean as cat shit — she will chase you and stomp her feet!

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