One man’s trash is another man’s…kitty playland.

"I prefer to think INSIDE the box."

 When we moved to the new house there were three boxes of peanuts, paper and other packing material that ended up in the breakfast nook. Soon they became Kitty Playland. While The Boy is cooking, Obi and I spend a lot of time burying him in paper so he can burst out with an explosion of paper and various stuff.

My mother voted for the end of Kitty Playland because the breakfast nook is adorable and should be set up as a cozy place to enjoy coffee and the family on a Sunday morning. She’s not wrong. But the playland is awesome. AND the floor in the breakfast nook in ICE COLD in the winter. So the playland remains.

The other day, though, The Boy and I were discussing a downgrade. After all, we hadn’t seen the boys in two of the boxes for months. Clearly, they overheard.

"Paper or plastic?"


4 responses to “One man’s trash is another man’s…kitty playland.

  1. Bless! I’ve never played with mine in peanuts before will have to try it 🙂 I have some cute pics though of when I brought my “build a bear” home. It came in a little house shaped box with Roarke decided was HIS and I have some awesome pics and videos of him pouncing out of it.

  2. Our DJ equipment came in these HUGE freaking cardboard boxes, and they were Callie Jean’s Castle until she got bored with them and allowed us to throw them out. Now she’s addicted to the tissue paper that Dear Sweet Mama wrapped my Christmas presents in… a present for anyone is a present for Callie Jean!

    • We haven’t discussed bags yet, but oh how Oliver loves bags. Paper shopping bags. Of course, now that we have Obi there are usually Thunders starting in the bags which is much harder on them. I have a whole group of people that contribute bags from Macy’s and Christopher & Banks to our stockpile.

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