Strumming his one-string, we don’t have a porch swing…

At the old house, Oliver used to play guitar. There was one of those stretchy strings, the kind that comes around some gift boxes, that had gotten caught in the seam of one of our chairs. Oliver would pull the string tight and strum on it. He could do this for hours.

I don’t know what happened to the string, but he’ll do the same thing with a rubber band if you hold it for him.

"Strumming her pain with my toe pads..."

He actually has pretty good rhythm.

After this picture was taken, Oliver started using the rubber band to floss. It was pretty funny until his gums started bleeding. There goes my owner of the  year award.

In a lapse of attention, I let go of the rubber band and it shot against the wall. A couple seconds went by and I looked over at Obi. He was all squinty and stunned looking. I guess I got him with the rubber band as it whizzed by. There goes next year’s owner of the year award.

In other news…Kitty Playland has been sent to the recycling bin. All that remains is one box with this net-like paper packing material. This paper is best because it is fluffy enough that Obi can bury himself, you can see him through it, and it catches some awesome air when he shoots out of the box.

"Now I know how tuna feels. Mmmm, can we have some tuna?"

Kitten Thunder seems to be taking the change well. The Boy and I, however, are stunned every time we walk by that room. It looks weird with all that floor.


4 responses to “Strumming his one-string, we don’t have a porch swing…

  1. I’m still shocked bythe vast expanse of carpet that was revealed when we threw out Callie’s Cardboard Cathedral… and I think you can regain your award nominations by making Oliver a guitar out of rubber bands and an empty shoebox. You’re supposed to encourage your children’s creativity, right?

  2. This is very funny and cute. Nice to meet the blog.

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