Cleaning with Kitten Thunder

We have a second round of State hockey this weekend and this time Kitten Thunder’s grandpeople are coming to stay at the house. House guests means finding the spare beds. And this is why it takes me a week to get the house ready for company:

First, Obi was all sorts of excited to find out there was a bed in my office under all the stuff that used to be on the walls at the old house. Sure, it’s all under the bed – where he used to hang out – but this has potential.

"You've got to be a manly cat to look this good in pastels."

Oliver, never one to just sit back and let Obi get all the attention, realized very suddenly that there was a catnip ball under my desk and that he WANTED it. He pulled all the wires under my the desk out to get to the ball. Then Obi, too, realized he wanted the ball.

"I want the catnip ball THIS much."

Oliver won.

"No one comes between me and the nip."

And then my lunch hour was over and I hadn’t accomplished anything. The dishes weren’t done. The laundry wasn’t folded. This blog wasn’t up.

But we sure had a lot of fun.

FUO update! Oliver’s fever is gone! He has been off both antibiotics and steroids for two weeks and the limp has not returned. The fever has left as quickly and as mysteriously as it came in.


10 responses to “Cleaning with Kitten Thunder

  1. I recently bought one of those catnip balls for my furry martial artists, and it was a hit. Chase it, bite it, play hockey with it– the fun never ends!

    • Absolutely! Don’t forget drool all over it and knock it under the couch. My only – very minor – complaint is that it gets wet and stains Oliver’s snowy white paws greenish yellow for a couple hours. But he doesn’t seem to mind. And they’re sooooooooo haaaaaappy when they find one.

  2. You know, now that you mention it, I don’t know where the catnip ball is right now… under the piano??

  3. I’m glad he’s doing better 🙂 i love the “this much” picture 🙂

  4. Yay for no more fever! And how can I get Callie Jean to help out with the cleaning like your guys?

    • Callie Jean doesn’t “help” clean? Geez. If I didn’t have help it would only take four minutes to make the bed. And I could probably mop without having to stop to rinse off kitten feet that tromped through the chemicals I just sprayed on the floor. And, oh yeah, it wouldn’t have taken five days to clean the house!

      • She sees her role as more “supervisory” — in that she sits on whatever needs to be picked up/moved/dusted etc to remind me of what a poor job I’m doing!

  5. Me, too! Me, too! I’m glad the fever is gone. I vote in favor of it never coming back…At my house, the only cat that shows an interest in cleaning is Gus the Girl. She climbs aboard whatever she senses is to be cleaned next because she knows I will pick her up and snuggle her to get her off of it. The other two simply wait for the cleaning to be done and then walk about shaking hair onto all clean surfaces. Can cats laugh?

    • I don’t know if cats laugh, but I do NOT think it is a coincedence that in Japanese the equivalent of “meow meow” is “nya nya.” I’m pretty sure my cats are saying nya nya nya when they roll on my clean laundry.

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