All these channels and nothing is on…

I have no pictures to go with this blog so you get my favorite LOLs from an email I received this morning.

Just like on people TV, sometimes there is nothing on OutTV in spite of the many channels. Also like people TV, when there is something on one channel there is usually something equally good on another channel.

This morning, Oli and Obi were looking out the front window in the living room. They looked for a long time. There were no bird calls. No squirrel ack-ack-acking. So when I saw a squirrel on the porch I ran in and grabbed Obi to show him.

Forty-two bunny kicks and some serious chewing later, I let him go and he ran back to the living room window. Curious, I looked closer. There in the bushes we had a giant flock of wrens. But you can barely see them unless you focus on one spot for several seconds. It is a very existential program…they move under the branches therefore they are. Not the kind of programming, obviously, where you ack-ack-ack along.

This - plus fox, coyotes and cars - is why Kitten Thunder has an indoor only policy.

2 responses to “All these channels and nothing is on…

  1. Bless! Today Kitalpha was being particularly whiny and annoying, for some reason, I decided to pull the shutter blinds completely back instead of half open. Kitalpha then spent a few minutes watching the traffic on out-tv before deciding I was her most favourite person ever and covering me in purr,dribble and kitty love. Apparently the blinds had been disrupting her viewing of Out-tv

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