“S” is for squirrel. And stupid.

For Christmas, Kitten Thunder received OutTV programming in the form of a squirrel feeder from my aunt. You may remember the adorableness of it – an antique phone type box made out of rough wood. The theory is that you’ll have hours of fun watching squirrels learn how to lift the lid to get a peanut from inside. However, there seems to be an issue.

"If I pretend to make a call, can I have the nut?"

Squirrels, at least in Cheyenne, are stupid.

I know! I was shocked! I really thought they’d get the knack of this fairly simple contraption in a couple of days and we’d be spending a kabillion dollars a month keeping them in peanuts. But two months after hanging the feeder it is still about half full from the original load of peanuts. And the only reason it is that far down is because I put out a “teaser peanut” between the box and the lid at least once a day.

The squirrels have figured out how to get the teaser peanut. Their strategy, however, may be part of the problem. They jump up onto the lid of the box, reach down, and do a kind of reverse football hike to pull the peanut out from under themselves. If they keep their balance, they are still standing on the lid. And that keeps them from lifting the lid to get more.

Their solution? Destruction.

"When all else fails. Chew through the box."

View of the hinge and corner from the outside.

And more destruction.

“This is where the peanut comes out. Where’s the ‘easy’ button?”

And a little more destruction.

"Two more days of chewing and we'll have a peanut sized hole."

On the bright side, the goal was to provide Kitten Thunder with squirrel programming on OutTV. I’m guessing that these holes are providing hours of entertainment.

8 responses to ““S” is for squirrel. And stupid.

  1. Great post. Squirrel’s are not smart, just very energetic.


  2. Your posts never fail to have me laughing out loud. Never come between a squirrel and a peanut!

    • This morning we learned even more about the stupidity. The squirrel is hanging upside down on the box when he chews the bottom corner. Rather than, you know, standing on the ledge six inches below the feeder. Sheesh!

  3. this reminds me of a contest we had to see whose dog was smarter: it involved overturning a cup to get the dog treat underneath: point was to see who was fastest: The border collie figured out to overturn the cup by moving it to the curb, cup tumbled, treat was exposed, very clever, but huge Akita won: o no he wasn’t smarter than the Carl Sagan of dogs, the collie, but he did get the food the fastest …by growling at the man who put the food under the cup…the man overturned the cup in 2 seconds flat to give the dog the treat: okay not the smartest dog, but he did win !!!!

  4. I cannot believe those squirrels cannot figure it out – the guy promised me they would – argh! Maybe you need to prop the lid open for them for a day? That might at least stop them from destroying the rest of it. Shmily!

    • I’m thinking about putting a nail in the ridge between the box and the lid to hold it open a little bit so they’ll lift it when they try to push their nose in. With Cheyenne wind, unfortunately, nothing will keep the lid all the way open.

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