Oli Packaging

My friend Mona sent me an email on “The Art of Sleeping in a Box” with many funny pictures of cats. Here’s my favorite:

"Even a small box will do in a pinch."

The email reminded me of Oliver’s favorite box. Which is not a box at all. In November, Oli and Obi’s grandpeople gave us a flat screen TV for Christmas. The long skinny styrofoam is a purrfect fit for Oliver.

"Insulation and security are key to a good box."

‏He looks a little tubby in this picture but you’ll have to take my word for it that Oliver is long and skinny, just like this box. He can stretch to fill the whole thing. The tubby look is just fluffy overflow.

When the grandpeople came a couple weeks ago I tried to throw out the styrofoam but our garbage can was full. Now it is in the dining room instead of the entry way and I think it might be okay for it to stay. He sure does love it.

While I was taking pictures of his brother, Obi watched from the dining room table. Then he decided to do something photo worthy to get the attention back on him where it belongs.

It started with him playing with the strings on my sweatshirt from above. Which was funny. But then the funny escalated when he decided to jump to the bookshelf. As he gathered to jump he realized his foot was dirty. Still gathered he licked his foot one and a half times before he remembered he hadn’t gotten the string. But, oh yeah, he was going to the booksh – oh no, his foot is – hey the string!

"The last two minutes have been a blur."

This is him simultaneously reaching for a string, bracing to jump and washing his foot. I got this picture of him before he realized I was laughing at him. Insulted, he left without getting to the bookshelf, getting his foot cleaned or getting the string.

Side note: After work tonight I put a nail in the squirrel feeder to hold the lid open a little bit. Will the squirrels be able to take it from here? Will Kitten Thunder enjoy hours of peanut eating entertainment? Tune in next time…same Out time, same Out channel…

9 responses to “Oli Packaging

  1. Ciaro could care less for boxes, but it does make me think of Butterscotch. She loved boxes of any size, and would try to squeeze her self into the boxes with all the movies. and if there wasn’t a box to be found a piece of cardboard or paper on the floor would do.

  2. Callie Jean will NOT NOT NOT get inside her cat hut which I purposely bought for her, but she does love her a box. If no boxes are available, she puts her paws over her face and I guess, imagines a box? It’s sad.

    • How sad that your cat is a mime. I think there are programs for that.

      As a 4-H project I once made a bag out of fabric that went around a paper grocery bag (both on the inside and outside). The idea being, of course, that cats love paper bags for the crinkley sound but that this was prettier with the pink stripes and lace and bow. An afternoon wasted. None of the cats in our house wanted anything to do with it. Much like they want nothing to do with anything I buy them.

      The question is why do we continue to buy stuff for our cats when a paper bag, a box and a milk ring are all they really want?

      • I for one do it because all she wants to play with is, technically, garbage — paper wads, milk rings, etc. So I feel bad for people to come over and see my poor little baby playing with her piles of trash like a street urchin or something…

  3. I have some uber cute pics of Roarke in a build-a-bear box and some awesome videos of him trying to kill the build-a-bear that was trying to enter “HIS” box 🙂

  4. What is it with boxes? We almost stopped buying any kind of “house” for our three cats because they preferred the boxes the houses came in….. *sigh*

    As kittens, two would race through those long 12-pack soda boxes. It was hysterical.

    • And, having torties as you do, it is a weird contradiction. They are PRINCESSES so why are they so thrilled with what is essentially trash?

      One of the pictures from the email was a full grown cat stretched through one of those 12-pack boxes. Hilarious.

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