Thunder in My Drawers

"Hey, I had The Girl open this drawer for me!"

"You snooze you lose, bro."

"I'm coming up whether you're in my drawer or not..."

"I win! do I get The Girl to open that cupboard?"

Yesterday I had an Usborne Books party at my house. Obi checked all the books for quality – knocking them off the table, knocking them off the mantle, bending the binding backwards as he jumped from the mantle to avoid being blamed for all the books on the floor…

They are, in fact, high quality books.


6 responses to “Thunder in My Drawers

  1. Jason and I only had one cat, so I missed out on the sibling rivalry. Too cute.

  2. Callie Jean’s predecessor could open drawers on her own, get inside them, and close herself up… but then she couldn’t get out. You’d think she would have learned to stop closing the drawer, but she never did — Callie hasn’t yet mastered drawers but she’s got the bathroom door down pat.

    • Obi can open the cupboard doors in the basement. He opens one, goes through the inside to the other one and opens it. Then he wanders in circles the whole time we’re downstairs.

      Oliver is tall enough to reach the cupboard above these drawers. But he slaps at the hinges. He doesn’t have a very mechanical mind, obviously.

  3. Haha! I love that last picture, he’s so darned cute!

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