OutTV, starring The Boy

“The Girl has the camera again. Try not to be cute, maybe she’ll go away.”

 There was exciting programming on OutTV today. The Boy was raking. Kitten Thunder found it fascinating. They paused in watching only long enough to run to me to tell me The Boy was on OutTV. Doing stuff. To the out.

I sipped my coffee. I could see him from the couch.

As predicted, Kitten Thunder has gotten over the neediness of last week. This weekend they are all about each other. They’ve thundered. They’ve snuggled in the condo. They’ve laid on the couch at the same time – though not together – and done the occasional laying down thunder. It isn’t really a thunder. Just two cats, showing each other their teeth and slapping each other in the face. Good game when there’s a good movie on.

Kitten Thunder’s blog officially has hundred of fans. That’s not a typo. One hundred regular readers. We appreciate you all. But it’s Sunday and I have some more quality time scheduled with the couch. See you Tuesday!

"Operation Dont Be Cute is a failure. Snap on, Girl, snap on."


4 responses to “OutTV, starring The Boy

  1. Congrats on 100 fans! You have to give me tips on how you got obi and oliver to be friendly when they first met, I’ve had my 3 since birth and for the last 12 months Evie hates Kitalpha and they fight/hiss/growl won’t be in the same room etc. It’s almost 90% Evie starting everything. I’ve tried pretty much everything I can think of and now and I’m out of ideas, what’s sad is they used to cuddle together, sleep together, play together etc. but now Evie can’t stand Kitalpha.

    • Sadly, I think that’s a girl thing. All the females I’ve ever had tolerated each other but they weren’t lovey toward each other. Or nearly as lovey toward us. I think there’s a very good reason why “cat fights” are associated with women…

  2. Good point, we’re going to try an animal behaviourist and if we can’t get to a happy medium we may consider re-homing Evie somewhere where she can enjoy life alone. Really don’t want it to come to that, we’ve tried so much and it just keeps getting worse. She just seems so unhappy.

    • I have heard that a lot of behaviour issues are due to unclear status within the pack. Do you have a kitty condo? Does it have enough perches for all the cats? Many times, their ability to claim a perch that clearly defines who is on top and who is at the bottom of the pecking order fixes the problem.

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