Return of the Moth, Man.

And it begins…

Last night, I received a text from The Boy about Kitten Thunder. They were watching a miller by the front door. I, as it happened, was having an argument with a miller in the garage of my old house. Seems he wanted to be wherever I was sweeping.

Miller season has arrived.

Pretty. Tiny. Tasty.

Millers, in case you are unfamiliar, are small brown moths that migrate from somewhere east of here to somewhere west of here in early summer. Then they come back in late summer. At least those who weren’t eaten by cats come back. Miller season for cats is like some-big-dumb-tasty-trophy-animal-that-invites-you-to-shoot-it season for hunters. It is something they look forward to all year.

In fact, Cousin Spade is already looking for millers every time my dad opens the door. They are four hours further west. And these millers are early.

Millers are actually very pretty when you take a close look at them. But they can wear on your patience. For one thing, they are attracted to light. Great because it is easy to attract them for the cats. Not so great because when you go to bed they are attracted to the light on the clock. Imagine the flutter of dusty wings in your face. Imagine the sound of them flittering by in the dark. Imagine a 14 pound cat leaping from the headboard to catch the one that has landed on your chest.

Ssssh, The Boy doesn’t know this is coming.

Last night as I was taking out my contacts, Kittens were Thundering under the bed. They were together. So I thought each was the cause of the other’s Thunder. Then, as I was brushing my teeth I noticed Obi tucking the loose ends of my pillow under.

I brushed.

I watched.

My brow furrowed. The Boy asked why.

I spit. Then, “I think Obi is shoving a bug under my pillow.”

And indeed he was. It’s going to be a long summer.


8 responses to “Return of the Moth, Man.

  1. That’s hilarious. What was he doing? Saving it for later?

    • Attempting to journey into the mind of Obi…

      Who knows what he was doing. We find ourselves asking him what he’s doing all the time. He just gives us a look like “I know what I’m doing, just don’t worry about it.”

  2. Awwww… Nothing says love like a bug under the pillow…

  3. HAHA! I think millers are a bit like moths, my cats forget they can’t fly when faced with a moth and launch themselves down a flight of stairs, at speed…from over the bannister. Roarke gets high off moth dust, and they do all act like they are super scrummy treats.
    I love that obi tucked one under your pillow like a little ‘bug-faerie’, I’m going to have to check my pillows from now on.

    • When Oliver was younger I used to hold him up to the ceiling to knock them down. He still expects that – but now he’s big and heavy and we’re not nearly as effective. Poco was super athletic so I just tossed her toward the ceiling and she’d catch one and have it munched before she landed on the floor. I don’t even want to imagine the thump of one of the boys…neither of whom would land on their feet.

  4. Kelly Matthews

    Mustang Sally pounced on one from about 5 feet away a few weeks ago. Then we had a COLD snap so it’s been windows closed, watching the snow/rain for about 5 days. I look forward to the Sallycat antics that are sure to ensue. I just hope she doesn’t decide that under my pillow is a good stash spot. Thanks for the reminder of Miller season!

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