Taking Sides

The Boy has an issue, each night, at bedtime. There is 25 pounds of Kitten Thunder evenly distributed across the bed where he sleeps. He’s a considerate man and tries to slip into bed without disturbing anyone. Oliver is first to be annoyed – but he was going to come get under the covers with me so he can put his head on my pillow anyway.

So, with The Boy gone for the week, you’d think Kitten Thunder would enjoy having their own space undisturbed.

But it turns out…

Kitten Thunder is just messing with The Boy. This week they’ve both snuggled up to The Girl. Half a bed, empty.

We’ll be happy to have The Boy back tomorrow. Obi’s belly hasn’t been rubbed correctly for four days.

For Thunder Thursday, we feature three hard-working beige kittens from my friend Nicole. Nicole has a whole herd of fuzzies; this is just a sample.

“Who is the fairest of them all? I think that’s pretty obvious.”

Asia has a small human, of course, but it’s a shame when that’s the only way to get a princess chair. I’ve seen the pictures, though – she’s pretty fond of the girl.

“Just call me the Nap Guard. Now be gone.”

Roca is working hard in this picture. It just LOOKS like a nap with her human.

“We’ve worked all day; do we have to do a photo shoot now?”

Roca and Chloe enjoy having their picture taken as much as Kitten Thunder does. I can tell.

2 responses to “Taking Sides

  1. I’m fairly sure the Official Kitten Distribution Calculator is adjusted by the number of humans present. 1 human = all kittens must be placed directly atop her. 2 humans = every attempt must be made to force one or both humans to sleep on the floor.

    • The thought had crossed my mind. My dad’s dog, Heidi, was a geo-dog. She had very complicated formulas about where she needed to lay in the house in order to be in the center of all people. Like, if my mom was in the bedroom and my dad was in the living room and I was upstairs she needed to be at the bottom of the stairs. She’d get really frustrated if some kept moving.

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