On this very special episode of OutTV…


And I mean, wow.

The Boy came home from his business trip and you would not believe what happened. I, of course, was happy to see him. Oliver jumped out of my lap and onto the back of the couch to welcome him. Obi…not so much. I’d have never pegged Obi as a punisher, but he is. He ignored The Boy all night. And BARELY let him rub his belly the next morning. Who knew?

The other day, Obi and I were watching the porch while I ate my sandwich. A very pregnant squirrel came to the feeder. She barely made it up and only ate one peanut. She was considering whether it was worth it to try to get up there again when a very VERY pregnant squirrel chased her off. This one had no chance.

She stretched and stretched and streeeeeeetched to try to reach the feeder. The profile of her tiny hands, small head, HUGE belly, and tiny feet was cute. And pathetic. Once she gave up I went out and arranged a buffet for my girls – piles of peanuts and lines of sunflower seeds across all three ledges of our porch.

Now if we can just figure out some way to convince the boy squirrels that they should ignore the easy food and still use the feeder.

We’ve had so much squirrel action on OutTV that Kitten Thunder is losing a little bit of interest. Luckily, we have a whole lot of birds. I can hear a blue jay, right now, calling his girlfriend across the street. There are robins and finches and sparrows and doves and wrens. Last night there was a little woodpecker tap-tap-tapping on the phone pole. And somewhere out there is an owl. I can’t see him, but he’s on OutFM in the morning.

I was watching a robin in the yard with Obi. I was asking about the bird: what was it? What is he doing? Finally Obi turned and looked me square in the eye. I’m pretty sure the look said, “if you’ll shut up and watch, you could figure all this out.” Sorry. I left him to his bird watching and came in here to blog.

Usually I have help when I blog. Lots of “help.” But today we have ten programs going on on OutTV, with smell-o-vision, and that’s an opportunity not to be wasted in May in Wyoming.

And now, back to our program…

11 responses to “On this very special episode of OutTV…

  1. lifewith4cats

    You gotta keep a camera handy! Two pregnant squirrels? Ive never even seen one. I bet that was a site to behold. Your kitties are spoiled. Its like you bought the premier channels of out tv instead of the cheaper family package. 🙂

  2. Lately we’ve had a few neighborhood cats as guest stars on OutTV. Audience reaction has not been favorable.

    • Having indoor cats, my yard has always been a favorite stomping ground for outside cats. Poco would get upset – mostly because she was allowed to go outside when she was younger and she was a thug. She wanted to go out and kick those cats’ butts! Oli and Obi just get upset when there’s a cat fight outside because I’ll go break it up. They stand at the door, “be careful, Mama!”

      • I have glass doors leading to my back yard, and sometimes outdoor cats peer through them. Apparently Thunder, Holly, and I are the stars of a reality show on InTV. I’m trying not to let the fame go to my head.

  3. This weekend on our local OutTV network, we had a special: Mommy Cleans the Porch. I really hope that show never comes on again!

  4. Little Boy and I went out this weekend and drew on the sidewalk and practiced riding his bike. Poor Mustang Sally sat in the open window and made pathetic mewing noises. But when we gave in to her demands to have her people back inside, she ran back and forth between both front windows chirping at a squirrel who had the bad manners to scold her.

  5. Maybe it’s sweeps week on OutTV?!

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