Carnage! And a hero’s tale.

There are bodies everywhere. Kitten Thunder, it seems, likes to hunt down millers. They like to beat them. They like to kill them. But they don’t eat them. And why is it, I’d like to know, that moths are the one thing they won’t organize into piles? Why do I have to wander room to room picking up one miller at a time?

It is fortuitous that last week I introduced you to Annabelle for Thunder Thursday. For this week, she is a hero. Yesterday, her building caught on fire due to a burning cigarette in a receptacle. With fans running to fight off Minnesota heat, my friend Libby didn’t hear the alarms. Annabelle responded to someone in the halls knocking on doors. That is when Libby heard someone calling out about the fire.

Those of us with cats have probably gone over what we’d do in an emergency hundreds of times in our heads. I know from responding to a tornado siren that Oliver doesn’t react well to being moved quickly and against his will. He feels my tension and turns it into his own. If I had to leave the house fast could I get both Oli and Obi into the carrier?

If the smoke detector went off could I get Oliver out of the spare room’s box springs? Could I talk the firefighters into hauling a box springs out of the house with my cat in it?

Libby grabbed her purse and picked Annabelle up. They walked out of the building through a smoke-filled stairwell. Anna did not flinch or cry. She stayed calm in Libby’s arms through the smoke and out the apartment building and past fire trucks.

Her neighbor Lori was told to leave her cat, Tinkerbell, by the police. She refused to leave her. Luckily she had time to get Tinkerbell and get out safely.

The fire damaged enough of the building that Libby has to move out. Her belongings are wet but otherwise okay.

Someone else’s cat succumbed from smoke inhalation.

So kudos to our kitty hero, Annabelle, who stayed calm when calm is what was called for. Her reaction to the situation kept a bad thing from becoming a miserable event for Libby. Sometimes that’s enough.


8 responses to “Carnage! And a hero’s tale.

  1. Your poor friend and her home 😦 Very sorry she had to go through that from someone else’s stupidity, and very glad annabelle is fine 🙂

  2. Hooray for Annabelle! I would totally give her the key to the city, but I’m fairly sure she’d lock us all out!

  3. Much moved to hear of this. Thank you for writing about it so vividly. I myself am having a little bit of a rough time at the moment, so I’m crying about the kitty who didn’t make it. Trying to feel better by picturing all who did. Life. Not for sissies, is it.

  4. lifewith4cats

    Annabelle, kudos to you for thinking fast on your feet and remaining calm. Thats is the truth of it. In most cases a cat will look to a human for ques about how to react to a new and stressfull situation. They are much like human children in that.

    There is one sentence that broke my heart. Dying while trapped and abandoned must be the worst way to die.

    Its all the more reason to get the word out about having safety plans already discussed and ready for emergencies.

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