The Travels and Travails of Mr. Bear

As you know, Mr. Bear has been moving around lately. For the last week he’s been hanging out in the kitchen. And really only moving a couple of feet each day. So this morning I was quite shocked to round the corner in the bedroom and see Mr. Bear on the landing.

“Hello, Mr. Bear,” I said.

“Really!?!” Asked The Boy.

We have very steep stairs. I can’t imagine why Oliver woke up in the middle of the night and decided he needed his teddy. I can’t imagine him carrying that big bear up a staircase. He used to bring Puppy to bed, but that was in a one floor house. And Puppy is a little more…maleable.

Regardless, there was Mr. Bear. After The Boy had gone to work, I set about doing the things I was supposed to do on my day off. I was aided in this by the fact that the TV suddenly lost signal. Hmm. I tried a couple things to fix it, but decided time was what was needed before any further action.

I went upstairs and found Oliver laying on the counter in front of the window. I picked up Mr. Bear and set him next to Oli. Then I checked one thing off my “to do” list by scritching Oli’s ears. Always a multi-tasker, I checked off another thing when Obi came up to get in on the scritching action.

Then I left the house for lunching with ladies and shopping and such.

When I returned, Mr. Bear was waiting for me in the entry way. What does this mean? Did Mr. Bear cross the line, laying in the sun with Oliver? Have I inadvertently caused a rift between them? Perhaps, I hope, Mr. Bear was so inspired by his first looks out a window that he’s decided to take a trip to the outdoors?

When I tried the cable again it did not work. In my all-day strategy for fixing the issue, I wiggled some cables and went downstairs to check the other TV. That TV worked. Then I went on to other things.

When The Boy returned home, I mentioned our cable issue. He also wiggled some cables. We moved cables around so the TV was plugged directly into the converter. We shuffled. We pushed cat heads out of the way – Kitten Thunder REALLY likes to work with wires. Don’t believe me? Here they are, doing…something…to my computer.

"See, the mouse is wireless."

The Boy then switched the downstairs box with the upstairs box. Then, just as we were thinking we’d have to call someone, I realized…

“You know, Obi was sitting on the mantle by that remote for the TV…do you think he reprogrammed it with his butt?”

Yes. Yes he did.

It’s Thunder Thursday! Check out Callie Jean and her new minions, in the household of Hoody Hoo.  CJ is a powerful woman. I’ve been saying she needed some minions. I didn’t realize that Hoody Hoo is a sucker, er, giving soul. She picked out one kitten, then her sister, and then the brother was waiting at the check out counter. But with faces like theirs, who could stop at just one? Besides, they already match the cat hair at Hoody’s house.


5 responses to “The Travels and Travails of Mr. Bear

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  2. YAY!!! We are so proud to be on Thunder Thursday! Thank you thank you thank you!

    (and PS, Callie Jean dials the phone with her butt if you leave it face-up)

  3. When Clark Gable – Gabe – was new to the household, at about 6 months old, I heard a thunk and some quick feet go from the spare bedroom past my bedroom headed through the living room, the kitchen… By the time I caught up to him, Gabe had the driver from my set of golf clubs drug to the top of the stairs and was headed for the basement. He was dragging it by a dangling tag on the club head. He had gotten it out of the closet (who needs a driver, really??) through a very narrow opening…and was headed down to practice his swing, apparently…

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