Things that go bump bump in the morning…

Bump bump bump bump.

Bump bump bump bump

Bump bump bump bump.

“Obi. Stop.”

Obi, on occasion, feels like he needs to help Oliver with the process of annoying the humans out of bed. Usually this is by crying in the bathroom that someone has to feed him or the bath mat is going to get it. The bath mat usually gets it. We’re not nearly as concerned about its well-being as Obi thinks we should be.

Lately, Obi has been opening the door on the bathroom cupboard and letting it bounce shut. Usually you just have to tell him once and he’ll stop. Not so, yesterday morning:

Bump bump bump bump.

Bump bump bump bump.

“Obi. Stop.”

Bump bump bump bump.

“Obi. STOP.”

Bump bump bump bump.

“OH-BEE. Stop.”

Bump bump bump bump.

Annoyance: accomplished. I got up and stormed into the bathroom. But there was no Obi.

Bump bump bump bump.

I opened the cupboard. “Obi, how did you…”


Oliver feels very bad for himself because he can’t figure out how to open cupboards but Obi can open them all. I suspect it is because my grey kitten has dainty paws and the brown kitten has giant black feet that we are grateful he never grew into.

As I was trying to get Oliver out of the cupboard, Obi appeared from the back. Hmm. There’s a hole in the back of our cupboard for pipes. So Kitten Thunder has been in the walls. Suddenly I know how they opened the access panel on the other side of that wall while we were gone…

After a whole bunch of coaxing I got Oliver out of the cupboard. Then I yearned for an extra set of arms as I attempted to keep him out while trying to get Obi out. Blocking Oliver – who is getting more upset by the moment – while being casual about Obi coming toward the front and away from the hole in the wall…I have skillz, yo.

As soon as I had them both out, Obi turned around and opened the cupboard door again. Grr. The second challenge was getting both cats out so I could shut them out of the room. This is NOT satisfactory for me, The Boy, or Kitten Thunder. The Boy and I knew immediately what had to be done.

Baby proof locks: they’re not just for human children.

And Obi can still go bump bump bump in the morning.


2 responses to “Things that go bump bump in the morning…

  1. Haha, perhaps the first instance I’ve heard of where child locks have been used on cats! Maybe I should try this, they are always busting my office door open and currently we have a pair of undies jimmy-rigged to hold the door shut.

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