OutTV: Frontier Nights

Kitten Thunder is enjoying special OutTV programming this week: Cheyenne Frontier Days. It’s ten days of rodeo, concerts, parades and other events. At the old house we were only part of the Air Force Thunderbirds, flattening my cats to the ground every time a plane zoomed overhead.

The new house, though, is only blocks from the park. So OutTV has featured cars in search of free parking, the drunken Kid Rock concert goer who couldn’t find his car afterward at though his friend on the phone should be more help, and lots of sirens going by for various reasons.

It is only day three so I offer you the most interesting fact of OutTV so far: Charlie Daniels Band? WAY louder than Jason Aldean AND Kid Rock. Go figure. Seriously, I can understand the words. So… FREE CONCERT!


3 responses to “OutTV: Frontier Nights

  1. Of all those choices, I’d take the “free” Charlie Daniels Band concert. I hope the kitties didn’t mind too much.

  2. I only get “free” drunken announcer guy at the college football field down the hill… seriously, I’ve met him, he’s drunk. So it’s mumbly… but funny! I also get free fireworks, but they’re audio-only (big trees) so the cats and I always assume they’re gunshots.

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