OutTV: Frankenbird

This evening we had a strange bird on OutTV. It kind of looked like a dove but with a tiny head surrounded by a huge neck. And it was too dark. And its wings were weird.

A fledgling, I am almost certain. But a fledgling what?

I also think there’s a good chance it was injured and has recovered in some horrible, misshapen way.

What I know for sure is that Kitten Thunder and I watched it for half an hour while it napped on the window sill. And when it jumped down to the ground we all hunkered down so it wouldn’t see us. The lonesome dove picked on it for a little while before the dove decided to head for the rooftops.

And then it was gone. I hope to see it again when it is a little less fledge-y so I can figure out what he is.

In the meantime, Obi is approaching all channels of OutTV low and slow. He’s NOT a big fan of the horror shows.


To add to the trauma of the evening, Obi did something loud in the basement. I was there watching TV when it happened. But I don’t know what, exactly, happened. It was loud. I heard glass. I involved a whole bunch of fur flying and ended with Obi cowering under the spare room bed for half an hour.

But here’s the thing: I can find anything out of place behind where I was sitting that might be a cause for all that noise.

And Obi thinks it is my fault. Whatever it was.


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