Yesterday was a long day.

First, this happened:

The lawnmower at my office threw a rock. I’m assuming this is what happened based on the number of spontaneously shattering windows we have on the days they mow the lawn. And the guilty look on the lawnmowing guy’s face – not that they came and told me about the broken window or anything.

The good news is that, with everything else going on, this pretty much just made me roll my eyes. And my sweet little car is junkyard bound anyway.

Then I went to blog last night and my mouse was dead. No blogging for me.

But! I know you need your Thunder Thursday fix, so here’s the furries from Monterey – where my aunt and uncle live – enjoying some OutTV.

"This is my favorite show. Do you think our Girl will make us some tuna snacks?"

That’s all for now. See you Sunday!


4 responses to “Thunder…Friday

  1. Sorry about your window. Does the lawnmowing guy run a glass-repair business on the side?

  2. That sucks about your car window. Will the lawnmowing people replace it?

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