A war has been declared.

And that war? It’s on flat surfaces.

Last week I told you about Obi finding the hidden toy on my shelf. Little did I know that was just the beginning. Now I find him on that shelf constantly. More importantly, there is less stuff on that shelf every day.

Obi has decided that all things on flat surfaces must move to the floor.

It isn’t just that shelf, either. It’s The Boy’s desk, which has computer wires for Obi to play with. It’s The Boy’s workbench, which has little pieces of model trains to play with. It’s the coffee table which has – NO! YOU CAN’T HAVE THE SCISSORS!

Also in the flat surface category is the dining room table, a.k.a the place we throw all our stuff when we come home. Personally, I don’t know how Obi remembers there is a flat surface under there.


It’s Thunder Thursday! Today we bring you Lisa’s cat, Raja. This is what you might call a collaga of Raja.


7 responses to “A war has been declared.

  1. I’m going gaga for that collaga of Raja.

  2. Our cats love waiting for the dachshunds to notice them- then pushing objects off the counters onto their heads. Very midevil are our pusstails….

  3. Raja does the same “I’m a sexeh kitteh, rub mah belleh” pose that Callie Jean does… and the only flat surface I’m allowed to keep things on anymore is the floor!

  4. Raja’s pretty! She does the sink drinking thing, too, huh? What is it with cats and sinks? You’d think they don’t have a water bowl.

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