Oliver passes the man test

As most cat owners know, there is nothing more irresistible to a cat than a freshly cleaned litter box. With my fastidious grey kitten he sometimes jumps into a clean box with an urgency that suggests he’s been “holding it” for a while.

Such was the case at noon today while I was cleaning the office boxes. He didn’t even let me put the cover back on. Unfortunately, Oliver was not quite sure how to use an open air box. He looked. He turned. He turned. He turned.

Finally he put his front paws on the edge of the box. He spread his legs wide. And he went.

Oliver peed standing up.

After I scooped his new offering he got back in the box. Clearly, he had other business.

I shoved his tail into the box with him and put the lid on over him. Some things no one should have to watch.


Obi is very lovey tonight. It could just be because he’s in the mood to snuggle. I think it has something to do with my fingernails being the perfect length and sharpness right now.


It’s Thunder Thursday! Today we have Gibby. Gibby is my friend Adam’s cat. Kind of. Technically Gibby is Adam’s sister’s cat but he’s had him for so long that there would possibly be a custody battle…


10 responses to “Oliver passes the man test

  1. Oliver is one bad-ass looking guy!

  2. Gibby looks like he’s contemplating mayhem… or like his own litter box isn’t up to standard!

  3. Esme always jumps in the litter box once I clean it. Sometimes she goes, sometimes not. Sometimes she just like to dig and fling litter around.

    • Obi does that. Mostly, I think, because he has seen Oliver get in the box while I’m cleaning. Because Obi doesn’t need a perfectly clean box to go in like Oli does. Sometimes you can actually tell that Oliver is doing the pee pee dance because he won’t use an already soiled box.

  4. My Thunder went through a phase where, any time I went to the bathroom, he’d get into the litter box. He’d act like he was going, but he wouldn’t actually produce anything — so I was constantly worrying that he had a blockage. Fortunately (I guess), he’s reverted back to his previous behavior of jumping on my lap.

  5. Um, I don’t know which of those is worse. Well yes I do – worrying about your male cat having a blockage is worse. Way worse.

    • It was bad. I had to basically stalk his litter box visits (I couldn’t just check periodically for clumps in the litter, because I had no way of knowing whether they were his or Holly’s). In contrast, the lap-sitting thing is annoying but also cute.

  6. I meant to post on this, but it got away from me.

    Sally has a Booda litter box, with the domed lid. Before I got this one, it was open. She used to stand up to go, with both front feet on the edge. She would then prop up her left back foot on the ledge and pee while standing on one foot.

    She also has this habit of running into the bathroom with me and dropping a toy down my pants, then hopping in after it.

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