A special OutTV miniseries: Picket Fences

I woke up on Monday with a horrible migraine. How did I know it was a migraine? Because the sound of me chewing my cereal echoed in my head so loudly that it made me queasy. That, and I went to bed on Sunday with the same headache.

Anyhow, the bright side of the migraine is that I went in late to work. Oliver set himself up for purr therapy – right across my face – and we took a nap. I woke up feeling better. And when I went into my office to kiss Obi’s head on my way out, I saw it.

It. Was. Fascinating.

There, on OutTV, was nothing…where a fence used to be. Our back yard neighbor decided to put up a new fence. And, well, they started on Monday morning.

Much like this blog post, the plot of Picket Fences is simple and pretty easy to follow. Oliver and Obi have been watching but they are fairly comfortable with walking away if something else is going on. They can jump right back into the story when they return to the window.

Tomorrow, Picket Fences will conclude. Important plot lines will be wrapped up. Things like will the workers put the stuff they moved in our driveway back where they got them? Will they pick up the trash they left in the alley? Will they be done by lunchtime?

Don’t worry, no spoilers here.


10 responses to “A special OutTV miniseries: Picket Fences

  1. The house across the street got a new roof a couple years ago, and the cats were fascinated by the process. Or maybe that was me.

  2. my furry children could care less about construction projects… of course, they still haven’t figured out that the glass doors are not secret passages to the outside…

  3. My felines love their cat TV. Their favorite are the sliding glass doors facing the backyard. They’ll stare out of it even at night when I know they can’t see anything.

    I get migraines too. The cats usually lay down with me. Purr therapy is a wonderful thing.

    I’m a songwriter so it’s natural that I’d write about my cats. You can hear “When Cats Take Over the World” at http://jamieanderson.com/music.html

    I haven’t written a song about migraines yet. If I did, it would be very quiet and performed in a dark room.

  4. Why do cats always try to sleep on your face/neck? I’m glad you’re feeling better!

    • I think because we think it is cute when they are tiny, and they just don’t get that they are now 14 pounds and hard to breath around. But Oliver is very good about focused purr therapy – if my stomach hurts, he lays there. When my hand hurts he lays there. So obviously if my head hurts he will snuff out the pain my laying over my face.

  5. My cats love that show- the dachsies are totally hooked on ‘Stupid neighbor kids’ …

    • We don’t have any kids in the neighborhood, but the whole world seems to walk their dogs past our house (quiet street one block off a busy street). Their favorite is the corgi who takes his boy for a walk because if that corgi sees a squirrel the boy gets walked into a tree. Okay, maybe that’s MY favorite…

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