All hail King Oliver

The last thing I moved out of my old house was two chairs that had been in my basement. Before that they were in my college apartments. Before that they were in my parents’ basement. And before that – circa 1983 – they were in our kitchen. These chairs are vintage 80’s with a golden beige vinyl and straps to make them poofy.

They also happen to be extremely comfortable for long spans of time at a desk or workbench.

Or for long spans of time surveying your kingdom.

One of the chairs was moved to a kind of weird spot in our basement for the gathering on Saturday. It’s about three feet from both walls, essentially in the middle of the room. But, for Oliver, it is perfect. Purrfect?

From his new throne he can see down the hallway to the stairs – now with mirrors so he can see up the stairs. He can also see the other side of the basement. He likes that. The basement is also quiet and dark. He loves that.

The only thing he is missing is people for his court. Once in a while he’ll call to us from his throne. I call to him from the evil couch on the main floor. If he wants an audience, His Royal Greyness will have to come to me.

"I pledge to be a kind and benevolent all who bring me tuna."


It’s Thunder Thursday! Today I introduce you to another leader, Otis. And his brothers Henry and Oliver. You can meet them at the official blog of the Cult of Otis

All hail Otis, wise and furry leader.



4 responses to “All hail King Oliver

  1. He really does look regal in that picture.

  2. Oh Otis, be careful… them brothers look like usurpers to me!

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