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Multiple Choice

"I'm still supervising. You're doing fi-zzzzzz."

1. What wore this kitten out?
a) Thundering
b) Napping
c) Beadwork
d) Zumba class

The correct answer is c. I was restringing a necklace for a friend. Obi helped.

2. How long did it take to exhaust Obi?
a) 5 minutes
b) 10 minutes
c) 30 minutes
d) An hour

The correct answer is b. Beading is hard work.

3. Why is beading such hard work for a kitten?
a) Eating string is hard work.
b) Gagging as The Girl pulls the string back up is hard work.
c) Jumping back and forth across The Girl’s lap as she moves the bead tray is hard work.
d) Chasing two strings at once is hard work.

The answer is all of the above. In regard to a and b, Obi says that cat gut is commonly used in the manufacture of jewelry.

4. Where was Oliver during all this?
a) On the back of the couch, supervising.
b) Taking a nap.
c) Also helping.
d) Trying to start a Thunder.

Again, the answer is all of the above. Ten minutes is a long time when you multitask as well as Oli.

5. Where is Kitten Thunder now?
a) Taking a nap before bedtime.
b) In bed.
c) Helping blog.
d) Doing post-Zumba stretches.

The answer is a. They are both napping on the back of the couch. If you answered d, maybe you should start this quiz over.

The Bed Monster: Variations

I play Bed Monster with both of the boys. But it isn’t the same game. In fact, it is so different from one to the other that it is a little silly that those two games have the same name.

Oliver the Bed Monster Slayer
If Oliver come to help make a bed or if I’m laying in bed reading, we play Bed Monster. I pinch a bit of the lower sheet and pull it up quickly before releasing it. It spreads a ripple of air across the bed. A bed monster. Oliver will dig and dig, jump away, then leap in to dig again. If the top sheet is on, I can wriggle my fingers underneath and he will dig at them.

Obi Wan Kittenobi, Bed Monster
If it is Obi’s turn to help make the bed, or in most cases if he can talk me into it while I’m brushing my teeth, he becomes the bed monster. I lift the top sheet so he can run under while it settles back to the mattress. Then I tease him by scratching a little ahead of him and a little to the side. Then the other side. On occasion I will gitchy gitchy him in the side and he’ll fall over to kick at my hand. Eventually he’ll work his way to an edge of the sheet and become a cute brown kitten again.

Bed Monster Combo
You would think that, combined, there’s a lot of potential for these two game variations. I mean, these kittens love to thunder. And there would be a monster and a hunter. But the potential goes unfulfilled. This weekend we have attempted to combine the games for two mornings.

It starts with Oli and I snuggling. As long as I feed him at dawn, Oliver has zero problem with me sleeping in. He’ll help, in fact. Eventually Obi will come along. He doesn’t want to snuggle. He’ll lay on the other side of the bed – well out of arm’s reach – and blink at me for a while. Then he starts looking for a way under the covers. My helping him with the sheet invariably disturbs grey kitten.

With Obi converted into a bed monster, I started to scratch the bed near Oli’s feet. The bed monster came closer. Oliver looked at me, questioning. Another scratch. A couple inches closer. Another scratch. WHAM! A bed monster lunged into Oli’s feet.

He was appalled.

I got a look of disgust as the grey kitten walked away. He went to find out if The Boy was doing something more civilized.

I was disappointed. But then I remembered I had a bed monster to gitchy.

Side note: A little red line indicates that my software thinks I am misspelling “gitchy.” HA! This from a software that also doesn’t agree with my spelling of whap, scritch or anywho. Sheesh.

Doodle Thunder

I’ve been out of town at a conference since Saturday. I’m sad to say The Boy reports that Kitten Thunder was less than inspired to do blog-worthy things while I was gone. It goes back to the age old question: If a kitten is cute in the living room but his blogger isn’t there to write about it, does anyone squee?

I made the mistake yesterday of talking to The Boy about his new car when I walked in the door. After five minutes I heard a “ME!” just before Oliver tried to climb me. Yes, Oli, you are the most important man in my life. Absolutely.

So, around Tuesday – judging by the doodles – I really started to miss the boys:

And cows. Evidently I missed cows. And pigs. But mostly cats.

Thanks, Mom and Dad, for paying for that art degree.


It’s Thunder Thursday! Rather than find a friend with a new cat for introduction, I’m shamelessly plugging my Pinterest board. I warn you, bloggy friends, that you should not take entering the Pinterest world lightly. Once you start it is really hard to stop.

It is kind of like the first year of professional Facebooking, when I thought in posts. Composed posts in the car. Carried bar napkins of posts in my purse…just kidding, I don’t carry a purse!

So the Pinterest board made special for Kitten Thunder is this one. The others are my other interests – I do have them, you know. I’m NOT a crazy cat lady. I don’t know if it helps my cause or hurts it that you’ll find out about my Dr. Who and Star Wars obsessions…

On the boards? You’ll see the thinks that make me ooh, or ahh, or giggle. Like this: