My stick

Lately, Obi has been bringing his feather stick up onto the couch at snuggle time. It’s his favorite toy this month. After snuggle time he’s up for a game of “I’m throwing the feather stick on the floor – well I’m bringing it back onto the couch.”

What he does NOT want, The Boy found out, is to have someone play with the feather stick. Obi wants to play with the feather stick. Not with The Boy and the feather stick. Attempting to play with Obi won The Boy a big fat dirty look this evening.

Luckily, The Boy made a new cave for Obi over the arm of the couch. This cave has blanket bunched up on the floor so it is comfy for laying in wait. And, should a brown kitten need to run at break-neck speed across the house and into the cave, the opening of the cave is pretty easy to access.

Good save, Boy.

"Stay away from my cave. And my feather stick."


4 responses to “My stick

  1. The cat cave is too cute!

  2. Why don’t the feeders ever get a set of game rules??

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