Closet Case

"Detective Obi will solve the case of the missing brother."

"Ah, you found me."

"The Boy said I could lay in his closet. Really."

"We hardly ever get to be in here."

"If you guys are going to be in here, I think I'll leave."

"Wait, Oliver is leaving?"

"Guess that means I can take his spot."


It’s Thunder Thursday! Today we see a video of a warrior kitten. Vicious warrior kitten protects the world from apples!!!

6 responses to “Closet Case

  1. These are great. I can’t decide which is my favorite — my favorite picture is the one of Oli looking directly at the camera, but my favorite picture/caption combination is the cat hair one.

    • He has such beautiful brown eyes, I love when I can get a good picture of Oliver. While we were in Yellowstone, The Boy wore his sweater for the first time this season. He’d left it folded on the floor of his closet for the whole summer so he spent all day picking off cat hair.

  2. I saw the video before, it’s funny. I liked the photos a lot and the way they were put into a story. 🙂

  3. awesome vid! Ours are also banned from the wardrobes, almost completely because of malt-age – not to say they are a finely matured whisky

  4. Ah, the gray sheen of cat hair. I know it well.

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