A letter to the governor

Dear Governor Matt Mead,

White stuff is falling from the sky. Phrases like “15 inches” and “snow day” have been used by The Boy and The Girl. My brother and I like the idea of this very much.

In case you are concerned that The Girl would waste a day off in midweek, let us assure you it would be well spent. First, The Girl has been sniffley for the last two days so we would take her back to bed for some purr therapy. Better a snow day than a sick day, right?

Second, The Girl has fallen behind on our reading. I am eager to learn whether Black Pearl escapes the Kristianos, but I can’t hold the book open myself. Plus The Girl would be mad if I skipped ahead. She always gets irritated when I move the bookmark.

Third, ever since we switched cable companies I haven’t been able to find things I like to watch on TV. The Girl always knows what I like.

Finally, Obi really struggles when he has to go a whole day without a belly rub. I would encourage The Girl to load him up on belly loving during this day.

In conclusion,  we strongly urge you to declare a snow day for State employees. And if you can, put in a word with the mayor so The Boy can stay home too. He is much better at belly rubs.

Oliver Pi
Chief Executive Kitten
Thunder household


6 responses to “A letter to the governor

  1. Sally wants to know what is this book you speak of. She loves snow days, too.

    • You mean you have to read by yourself? However do you manage? I haven’t read without a kitten holding my arm down for…um, ever. The Boy reads sitting up so he is allowed a little space. But he is closely supervised.

      • I often read sitting cross-legged in bed, with Holly on my lap. The tricky part is transitioning from that to a lying-down position without feeling overwhelming guilt.

    • I mostly read on my iPad, so it’s easier to turn pages. Sally likes to sit curled up in meatloaf position on my lap as I read.

  2. Both Ti-Jacques and Mina have a hard time understanding that Mommy cannot read to them if they curl up on the book. Marceau prefers TV, and Callie Jean doesn’t care as long as I remain lying down.

    • I somehow manage to read with Oliver laying on my face. I have fingers of steel from holding a book an arms length away (on the bed) and keeping it upright.

      Both cats are also super helpful when it comes to sketching. Obi likes the pens and Oli wants to hold down the sketch pad.

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