Why we wash tomatoes…

"Hey look, The Girl brought me little toy balls. I wonder why she put them on the table."

"Oh well, they'll work up here."

"I'll play cowboy. First, you cut a few from the herd..."

"Then you single one out."

"He might get tricky and try to escape in the valley."

"WHAT?!? I'm not doing anything."

Poor tomato, abandoned on the floor.

And this is why we wash tomatoes before we eat them.

It’s Thunder Thursday! Today I bring you Troy’s puppy, Denali. As you can see, Denali lives the ultimate Rocky Mountain dog’s life. And Troy has a warped sense of humor.

As a puppy, meeting her first horse.

Taking a dip in the trough.

"Hey dad, couldn't you find a smaller stick?"

This week: Queen of the snow hill


11 responses to “Why we wash tomatoes…

  1. I love the photos, just so much fun 🙂 and the tomatoes so cute!

  2. Ti-Jacques and Callie Jean will cut a bitch for spaghetti sauce, so they’d probably eat the tomatoes. Or at least bite them, and I’m not eating it after that!

  3. My cat knocks everything off the table. Why? She does it defiantly, too. She swipes it off while making eye contact with me.

    • Oh, I hate the defiant swipe. Poco used to do that all the time. The only time she ever hit my lizard she was looking right at me – it was very clear that it was me she was aiming the venom at and not her brother.

      The boys don’t seem to do the defiant swipe. If they’re looking at me its because they know they’re doing something borderline and they want to know if they’ll be in trouble.

    • When I was a kid, I had a cat who had a very elaborate series of steps for waking me up in the morning. First he’d stare at me, and if that didn’t do it, he’d purr, then he’d meow, … the final step was knocking things off the top of my dresser. Worked every time.

  4. Tomato cowboy. Cute. 🙂

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