Attack of the Bed Monster

My apologies to blog subscribers for the email earlier. Evidently, there’s no way to get videos off my phone other than to send it to Facebook. Weird.


The Boy turned Obi into a bed monster and left Oliver to deal with it.

Once Oli left, Obi was all alone in his monsterness.


6 responses to “Attack of the Bed Monster

  1. Sally is an over the covers bed monster who likes eating toes.

  2. Obi looks really big under the covers in some parts of that video. Maybe cats really do expand to take up all the space on the bed.

  3. I think my cats are reading your blog, because they took turns being bed monsters this morning. First Thunder was the monster, and Holly kept swatting at him, even (especially) after she saw his face peeking out from under the covers. Then Holly was the monster, and Thunder investigated but was more polite.

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