Sunday evening snapshots

The Boy’s birthday is coming up. His mom sent him the cutest little food processor you ever did see. After we tried it out for the first time, Kitten Thunder has definite opinions. They do not like the zoomy thing on the counter in the kitchen. They do, however, continue to love the

piece of

packing paper

that came with it. The box is also lovely.


After dinner, Oliver approached me for a snuggle. I burrowed down into the blanket on the couch. I tried to entice him under the blanket. I repositioned and offered to let him lay on top of me. I begged. I pleaded. 

Ten minutes later, I still didn’t have a kitten snuggling with me. Eventually Obi came and aura snuggled at my feet. Oli settled on the armrest to aura snuggle my head. Two aura snuggles are not as good as a real snuggle, in my opinion.


A couple weeks ago we bought a shelf unit at IKEA. Obi loves it. He spends all of our time in the basement trying out the different shelves. He also enjoys the view when I’m working at my bench – he gets to see what I am doing without being told I don’t want his “help.”

Weeks later, it is still cute. Weeks later, the packing paper that has been spread around the basement by thunders is still fun…but it is nearing time for that to go.


Unrelated to cats: do you watch The Next Iron Chef? What ballpark has the stuff they just got from this one. Tilapia?


This weekend we finally saw the squirrel that is eating our pumpkin. She is quite heavy with kittens. And she prefers the rind to the inside so the hole is getting bigger but only slightly deeper. So much for my hopes that she would break through and climb inside to eat. If I was really nice, I would go out and turn the pumpkin for her.


Tilapia corndog? No. No sir, I say.


Winter is here and Obi is sleeping on the bed again. With him wedged up against feet and Oliver on the pillows there is little room for tossing or turning.


And that sums it up for the weekend snapshots. I leave you with this parting thought: NO TILAPIA IN THE BALLPARK! 

5 responses to “Sunday evening snapshots

  1. Oh, poor squirrelly girlie put off the babies until LATE. Or do they have them while hibernating like bears? Hmm, Wikipedia here I come. And please turn the pumpkin for her
    Sally’s favorite sleeping position is curled up behind my knees. Either over the covers or under if it’s cold. And if it’s cold, I then get tiny cold feet pressed up against me to warm up. It’s like having a 4 footed wife.

    • Did Wikipedia tell you squirrels don’t hibernate? So hopefully she has a nice den or nest somewhere for them to hang out in and keep toasty warm while she comes to the Thunder Cafe for some take out. She’s heavy, but she has a while yet before they’ll be born.

  2. Fish does not belong at a ball park. Our ball park serves crab cakes, and even that’s questionable to me. But I understand that they have to because it’s Maryland and we’re known for our crab cakes.

    • Tilapia has earned its right to swim free by tasting so bad. It’s like licking a fish tank. Bleh. Evidently, ball parks are much fancier than they were last time I went. Not that I would get anything other than a hot dog. Loves me a hot dog.

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