Photos with my phone

First, a pumpkin update. At Kelly’s urging, I went out to turn the pumpkin so Ms. Squirrel could reach more of the rind. But when I got to the porch I found that she had finally broken through to the middle. And she likes pumpkin seeds. A lot.

I’ve mentioned that the women of my family are coming this weekend for shopping. I’ve been trying to clean. What WILL be cleaned up before they get here? Shoemageddon.

Some of those are The Boy’s shoes. It’s NOT just me.

What will NOT be thrown away, as planned, by the time the girls get here? Paper Playland. It is just too cute.

We’ll at least move it out of the hallway. Maybe there’s a nice box somewhere…


10 responses to “Photos with my phone

  1. The photos are just so cute 🙂

  2. Awwww — love the paper playland.

  3. Thank you on behalf of Ms. Squirrel. And me, too.

  4. Love the squirrel pumpkin and the kitty is so darling.

  5. Oh bless. Our cats are REALLY, really into boxes… so we usually have at least one or two out, along with some reusable bags, purely for their leaping/lounging delight.

    • Oh yes, we have the boxes. And shopping bags – Oliver will be so happy to have the girls visit because he’s worn out his Christopher & Banks bag.

      And just wait until you see what I got Kitten Thunder, er, The Boy for his birthday…

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