Methods: Snuggling

As with many things, the methods of Kitten Thunder vary in their snuggling. The following scenarios both take around half an hour. Oliver, though, is capable of two or more hours of intensive snuggling.

"Fuzzy blanket = heaven."

Jump on The Girl. Stomp. Stomp stomp. Turn. Crawl under the blanket.

Plunk. Purr.

Purr. Purr.



Jump on The Girl. Knead. Knead knead knead. Turn. Knead. Plunk.

Run to the dining room. Look at wall. Return to the couch.

Jump on The Girl. Knead. Head butt The Girl.  Plunk.

Run to the hallway. Chirp. Return to the couch.

Jump on The Girl.  Plunk. Stand up. Turn. Plunk. Stand up. Plunk.

Stand up. Turn. Turn. Turn. Chirp. Turn. Plunk.

Jump onto the back of the couch. Turn. Knead. Lay down.

Jump on The Girl. Plunk. Purr.

Stand up. Turn. Head butt. Plunk. Purr.

Stand up. Look confused. Wander off.


While the girls were here I found a fantastic deal on a Christmas tree. Obi wants to put it up. NOW. He’s been working on the box all day. And all night. He is, however, taking a break from box chewing and scratching to chew on Oliver while I blog. A kitten has to have priorities.


9 responses to “Methods: Snuggling

  1. Holly has a very complex bedtime routine that involves several rounds of jumping on and off the bed and burrowing under the covers on either side of me (just for a moment, though — I think she doesn’t like being under the covers; she just wants to verify that she could sleep there if she wanted to).

    • Are you sure she’s not checking for bed monsters? It would be a horrible thing to have a bed monster under the covers next to you all night – they could nibble on your knees for hours. Holly is clearly a dedicated cat, doing a thorough job. Lucky you!

  2. Kara does exactly the same as obi – and she is obsessed with licking our christmas tree as soon as it gets out of the box so be careful! If ornaments start raining down you’ll know why lol

  3. Esme sleeps politely between my legs until about 2 or 3 in the morning. Then the kneading, head butting, and pawing starts.

  4. Sally curls up behind my knees, over the covers in the summer, under them in the winter, and uses me as a foot warmer. Four little kitteh feet pressed up against my leg and if I shuffle away, she just scoots closer.

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