Weekend snapshots, literally.

The Boy was out of town this weekend and, while I’d planned to get a lot done while he was gone, Kitten Thunder and I spent most of our time on the couch. In our defense, I didn’t make it home for lunch most days last week. That’s very exhausting for kittens.

"Super Snuggler, able to hold The Girl down in a single stretch."

Obi really worked on his snuggling skills – he’s getting pretty good and laying with me for minutes at a time. Then he has to go over to the other couch to recover.

"I'm still aura snuggling. Feel the love coming from my feet!"

This afternoon, wiped out from such hard core snuggling all weekend, Kitten Thunder went upstairs to take a nap. Only when I came into my office to finish up my weekend stuff did Obi come back down to “help.”

"I'm not doing anything. Certainly not stealing the bamboo rose or knocking your jewelry box off the shelf."


5 responses to “Weekend snapshots, literally.

  1. Sooo cute. And your blog is very educational — so far I’ve added OutTV, OutFM, and aura snuggling to my vocabulary.

  2. Aww, I also had a kitty snuggle weekend, it’s the weather! They get all fluffy and start smelling like sleep and are warm and cuddly and ahh I need to go have another kitty snuggle!

    • Oliver goes back to bed in the morning after I’ve fed him breakfast and I scritch him when I go upstairs to brush my teeth. Today he rolled over and let me pet that big white belly – I swear I almost crawled right back into bed. Why can’t we call in cozy? “Hello, boss? I am too cozy to come in to work today…”

  3. So um, if you get a lot of random traffic and new followers today (no promise on either), it’s because I nominated you 🙂


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