Funky Chicken

Yesterday, I bought Kitten Thunder some funky chicken toys. I picked them up at a store with some Christmas presents and brought that back home, stumbling through the door with my arms full of shopping, the coat I hadn’t put on, my coffee travel mug and a take n bake pizza. The bag was dropped in the dining room and forgotten while I preheated the oven and performed some rubbing of the bellies.

Later, while I was eating, I noticed Oliver in the bag. He WANTS someone’s present. He really loves it. Which reminds me…I should probably put that somewhere kitten proof…

Anywho, it reminded me about the funky chickens. There were two in a package; perfect, right? So I toss one to Oli and he looks at it, confused. I toss the other to Obi who immediately leaps and tackles and bunny kicks the chicken in delight. Deciding his is broken, Oliver went over and took Obi’s.

I tossed the first chicken to Obi and he immediately leaps and tackles and bunny kicks it. Oliver drops his stolen chicken, clearly broken, and takes the first chicken from Obi.

Lather, rinse, repeat until I picked the grey kitten up and took him to the couch for a snuggle. Poor Oliver, he’s never going to figure out this toy thing.

The funky chicken and his cousin Clyde.

When I went to take a picture of the funky chickens I could only find one. Obi refused to answer me when I asked where it was. “Gee,” his look told me. “I guess you’ll have to check under the couch.”

I got out the magic toy making stick to find the missing chicken. No chicken. What was there? Two flat leopard skin mousies, the teddy bear mousie, one small bamboo rose, one large bamboo rose, one large catnip ball, enough hair to knit a kitten, two little square things I can’t identify and…a very wilted cherry tomato. Very wilted. Eew.


6 responses to “Funky Chicken

  1. Ha! I KNEW you hadn’t found all those tomatoes!

  2. Poor Oli. Good thing he has a patient brother to keep showing him how those pesky toy things work.
    Mustang Sally has a huge basket full of toys because Little Boy insists on buying new ones every few weeks and I’m a sucker. However, she will only play with 3 catnip stuffed plush balls that used to have feathers and catnip hamsters (mice minus the tails) that rattle and are furry. She hates the leather and rope ones.
    I love reading about your adventures with the fur-boys.

    • The kittens, they know what they like. I’m a compulsive toy buyer, too. I even bought Oliver some toys meant to simulate milk rings. How’s that for stupid? I BOUGHT toys to simulate something we get for FREE once a week.

  3. Do you laugh every time you find a tomato? I would.

    My cats do the same thing with their toys. They both like catnip, but Holly is more enthusiastic about it, so Thunder always thinks her toy is better than his.

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