Outside In

Obi has been trying to get into the box with our new Christmas tree for weeks. Little did he know that inside was a little bit of the outside.

"At last, the box is open."

"These green things are not exactly comfortable."

"Hmm, this is kind of heavy for a toy."

"Oli is right, this isn't very comfortable. I wonder if that is why The Girl took him out of the box."

"Hey, Boy, do you know what you're doing?"

"I always thought these tree things looked like they were tasty."

"Hey, Boy, does The Girl know what she is doing?"

"So we bend the branches down like this?"

"That one looks good right there."

"Ahh, the box is much better without the green things."

"The Out is in. Now for who gets to be In the box."

We haven’t decorated the tree yet. Why rush these things, really?


11 responses to “Outside In

  1. It’s nice to see them branching out.

  2. You must remind the boys that while the green things do indeed look as if they SHOULD be tasty, they are most certainly NOT. That road leads to festive holiday hairballs.

    • Obi was very disappointed. He has decided, though, to taste each branch to make sure the whole thing tastes bad.

      I really like curling ribbon but have to wait until I’m leaving the house to put it on packages because Oliver likes to wrap all things that come out of his body in the month of December.

      • Sally did that last year. I didn’t realize it until cat box clean out time, then I was completely puzzled about where on earth the red glittery stuff was coming from. Then I found several presents with absolutely demolished bows. We’ll be staying away from the curling ribbon this year.
        Sally helped decorate our tree last weekend. She personally inspected all the ornaments to make sure they were acceptable, then made sure their placement on the lower branches was correct.

  3. You still have a box? Esme would have chewed at all the top corners.

    I love the last pic!

    • Obi has been pulling chunks off that box for two weeks. The little pieces of cardboard fight back, though, so that has slowed him down. Each piece has ended up running and leaping and getting attacked all over the house.

  4. One of them is sure to knock the tree over. So save the decorations for later.

  5. Kara would disagree, it is very tasty as she will sit for hours licking the tree branches.

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