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Sunday evening snapshots

The Boy’s birthday is coming up. His mom sent him the cutest little food processor you ever did see. After we tried it out for the first time, Kitten Thunder has definite opinions. They do not like the zoomy thing on the counter in the kitchen. They do, however, continue to love the

piece of

packing paper

that came with it. The box is also lovely.


After dinner, Oliver approached me for a snuggle. I burrowed down into the blanket on the couch. I tried to entice him under the blanket. I repositioned and offered to let him lay on top of me. I begged. I pleaded. 

Ten minutes later, I still didn’t have a kitten snuggling with me. Eventually Obi came and aura snuggled at my feet. Oli settled on the armrest to aura snuggle my head. Two aura snuggles are not as good as a real snuggle, in my opinion.


A couple weeks ago we bought a shelf unit at IKEA. Obi loves it. He spends all of our time in the basement trying out the different shelves. He also enjoys the view when I’m working at my bench – he gets to see what I am doing without being told I don’t want his “help.”

Weeks later, it is still cute. Weeks later, the packing paper that has been spread around the basement by thunders is still fun…but it is nearing time for that to go.


Unrelated to cats: do you watch The Next Iron Chef? What ballpark has the stuff they just got from this one. Tilapia?


This weekend we finally saw the squirrel that is eating our pumpkin. She is quite heavy with kittens. And she prefers the rind to the inside so the hole is getting bigger but only slightly deeper. So much for my hopes that she would break through and climb inside to eat. If I was really nice, I would go out and turn the pumpkin for her.


Tilapia corndog? No. No sir, I say.


Winter is here and Obi is sleeping on the bed again. With him wedged up against feet and Oliver on the pillows there is little room for tossing or turning.


And that sums it up for the weekend snapshots. I leave you with this parting thought: NO TILAPIA IN THE BALLPARK! 

Thunder House Rules

Next week, The Boy is leaving us to go play on a steam train. While The Boy’s away, The Girl has decided to invite the women of my family to Cheyenne to play. And to get our Christmas shopping done.

My aunt, Barb, asked if Oliver would snuggle with her. After all, her cats have always been very good hosts to me. The Boy and I agree that things could go either way.

To prepare our four house guests, Kitten Thunder has put together a list of rules:

1. Don’t sleep on the roof. Okay, that’s from Cider House Rules, but it is a good rule. Especially since there’s six inches of snow up there.

2. You must rub Obi’s belly on demand.

3. Obi will decide when there has been enough rubbing of the belly.

4. Don’t try to pick Oliver up – he is long and heavy and his claws don’t retract.

5. If Oliver scratches on your belt, pick him up.

6. Feed the kittens in the morning.

7. Feed the kittens whenever you eat.

8. Feed the kittens whatever you eat.

9. Eat things the kittens will want to eat. The Girl bought some hard salami that the kittens are aggressively fond of, try that.

10. Should a grey kitten visit you in the night, off to let him under the covers.


Related to nothing: Our real estate agent brought us a pumpkin for Halloween. I thought about carving it, but someone beat me to it. And it has made for excellent OutTV.

Not the most artful carving ever, but it's probably very satisfying.


Kitten Thunder is playing a game called “let’s chew on each other’s faces” right now. Their heads are soggy.


It’s Thunder Thursday! Today we have Wilson and Gizmo of Monterey. These brothers are the children of someone who works in my aunt’s office. We agree that this picture makes us want to go home and take a nap. But when is that a bad idea, really?

"Show is over. Change the channel." ---"No, YOU change the channel."

A letter to the governor, part two

Dear Governor Matt Mead,

White stuff is falling from the sky again. The words “snow day” are not being used with as much hope this time. The Girl keeps talking about some lady named La Nina. She says she is a big fat liar and her storms are all talk no action.

I still want her to stay home tomorrow, okay? The Girl is awesome when she is at home. She feeds me and kisses me on the head and rubs my belly. If she had a day off in the middle of the week she might build me a fort. I love forts.

We also snuggle on the couch. Don’t tell anyone, but I like this almost as much as I like playing in the cave made by blanket hanging off the side of the couch.

My brother says that if you didn’t listen to him, the chief executive kitten, you definitely won’t listen to me. He says the State is all about byoorockrasee. Whatever. He might be in charge of this house but The Girl says I am the cutest brown kitten in the world. That makes Oli and I equal.

Anyways. Tomorrow? Snow day? Yes?

Obi Wan Kittenobi
Kitten Specialist