Weekend snapshots: Baby, it’s cold outside

It was a great weekend to stay in the house, and so I did until this afternoon when I had to go out for food and some Christmas shopping. I was greeted upon my return as if I’d been gone for days rather than under two hours.

Or maybe it was the fried chicken that came home with me.


After dinner The Boy and I were laying on the couch together. Oliver arrived to lay on my chest. Seconds later we were joined by Obi. With Zensai in his tank a couple feet away, the entire family was snuggled together in four square feet of house.


I also bought a draft stopper at the store tonight. While The Boy warmed up some mashed potatoes for dinner I installed it on our drafty back door. I was trimming the foam rolls down to size and the first one popped off and smacked Obi in the face. It bounced of his face and tumbled down the stairs with Obi flying after. I gave the other one to Oli. New toys!


Obi has succeeded in knocking two ornaments off the tree so far. They aren’t nearly as much fun on the floor as they are on the tree. Not for him and certainly not for me.

Obi is super cute with the tree. It is a tall, slender tree that fits really well with our living room. The added benefit is that Obi can’t climb into the tree because the branches aren’t long enough. What he can do, though, is reach through the tree to play with ornaments on the other side of the tree.

He also can’t reach the tree from the mantle. Gee, that’s a shame.


The Boy stepped on the big catnip ball this weekend and crushed it to powder. We were impressed – it must have had a side which was licked flat to break like that. Now the catnip ball is a bowl of catnip in my office.

A bowl of nip is far less likely to roll away when a kitten gets a little buzzy.


The squirrel I thought was going to have kittens, it turns out, is just fat. And no wonder. My pumpkin is now just a top and a bottom. I was going to throw it in the yard waste container, but now I want to wait and see if he’ll eat it all.

On the Jeff channel of OutTV we’ve been watching the same squirrel eat his pumpkin from the top down. Now he sits in the middle and just turns as he eats. It is fascinating.

Tubbo the squirrel also sat on the window sill and ate two whole slices of bread I’d put out in one sitting. Obi about lost his mind.


There was a rip roaring Thunder going on in the basement while I was working out yesterday. They were racing around the house and through the paper at break neck speeds. Paper was flying into the air with every pass. At one point both Oliver and Obi were under their own tents of paper. They were inches apart with no idea how close they were. They fell asleep that way.


And now, as the weekend and this post draw to an end, Kitten Thunder is snuggled up on the evil couch taking a nap before bedtime.

Tough work, being a cat.


2 responses to “Weekend snapshots: Baby, it’s cold outside

  1. Is it wrong that I want Tubbo the Squirrel to eat so much punkin whilst sitting IN the punkin that he then can’t get OUT of the punkin? Is there a Squirrel Richard Simmons in the house?

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