The Mystery of the Silent Squeaker


“Good morning, brown kitten. Ready for breakfast?”


I fed Oli and Obi, then went to the evil couch to watch my morning episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Oliver joined me shortly after.

A while later, The Boy was lead into the living room for Obi’s morning belly rub.

In silence.

All morning, Obi was silent. I managed to coax one squeak out of him by snuggling and kissing him until he could stand it no more.

This evening, the silence continues. Silent through the welcome routine. Silent through the opening of a tuna can. Silent through the couch snuggling.

Perhaps he’s just run out of things to say.


6 responses to “The Mystery of the Silent Squeaker

  1. very weird — in the Hoo household, Mina is the talker, always squawking at Cat Jesus in the apartment upstairs, Marceau only talks when it’s food time and Ti-Jacques doesn’t really talk at all, he gets his point across by hitting you with his head. But when Queen Callie Jean has something to say, she’s like E.F. Hutton.

    • It must have been a 24 hour vow of silence because, at midnight, Obi decided to catch me up on his WHOLE DAY.

      It’s funny how cats have different communication strategies. Oliver talks when he wants something, but Obi chats. Welcome home, this is what I did today…in detail. Come rub my belly but let me tell you how…in detail.

      I was asking Obi last night why he wasn’t talking. Was he out of things to say? That didn’t seem like a good reason to stop talking. He didn’t, I told him, get that trait from The Girl…

      There was a snort from The Boy…

  2. Anne, mama of OIiver and Charlie

    I have brother kitties as well. My Oliver will tell you anything and everything. Charlie tries to get a word in edgewise very infrequently. Charlie has the most soulful eyes, however. I guess that’s how he wishes to get his point across.

  3. I’m glad Obi started talking again.

    My cats don’t really chat. Thunder will make demands (food! lap! entertainment! hugs!), and Holly will cry about her sad, lonely life (It’s been 90 seconds since I jumped off your lap, and you still haven’t followed me into my favorite spot on the floor in this other room to pet me! Why have you abandoned me? Why?). Holly will also very politely ask me to open the window, and both cats will meow greetings — but no idle chitchat.

  4. Silent even through the tuna can? I didn’t know that was even possible.

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