A letter to Kitten Thunder’s grandperson

The Boy’s mother is coming to stay with us for Christmas.  Kitten Thunder decided to take another try at a letter.

Dear Grandperson,

We are excited for your visit. The Girl and The Boy often forget to explain how things work around here, though. And, since it has been a while since your last visit, maybe you’ve forgotten.

First, feed us. It is expected of house guests. After all, our downstairs playland has been sacrificed in the name of “space to walk.”

Second, rub Obi’s belly. The Boy says he does this, but he doesn’t. And The Girl plays along with his delusion.

Third, feed us. We’re trying to store up fat for the winter. Tubbo the Squirrel says it is a good idea. The Girl gives him lots of food but she only feeds us once a day. And, yes, there are kitty crunchies but those aren’t really food. Those are just what you eat once or twice an hour to get up the energy for napping.

Fourth, tell The Boy to open that box already! We know you picked out that box for us. We want it.

And finally, The Girl bought us a special dinner for Christmas. But she only bought two containers! Doesn’t she know there are twelve days of Christmas? By the time you get here we will be way behind. Rather than hurt The Girl’s feelings, please sneak in 22 containers of special dinner. Remember that we only eat white food.

That’s it. We’re warming up our purr faces for you!

Kitten Thunder


4 responses to “A letter to Kitten Thunder’s grandperson

  1. Oooh! A box! Do you also get a bow to chew on?

  2. they only eat white food? Are they on my diet?

    • Ha! It’s not working for them – they’re putting ON the pounds. I don’t know why, but anything darker than beige just comes right back up. There are days I know I’ll be cleaning up after them as I’m scooping food onto their plates.

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