The woes of snow

We’re on our way south to pick up The Boy’s mom. And I’m blogging. Oh, the wonders of technology.

After this morning, Kitten Thunder may have to move to California with their grandperson.

It started with the five inches of snow we got last night. The light was reflecting off the white surfaces and the clouds, making it as bright as day all night. So Kitten Thunder was listening to their tummies to decide what time it was. Their tummies were off by about an hour.

First came the serenade. Oliver sang and cried and mewed from the reading nook. Finally I sat up a little bit to shush him. They took this as a signal that I was getting up and they thundered down the stairs.

Second came the assault on flat surfaces. Obi sat on our table and slid the water cup to the edge. Plap plap plap, it bounced across the floor. I heard him attempt to move my electric toothbrush over. No luck. Then the bottle of percocet started to scoot… I sat up a little to tell him to stop. Thunder to the bed to see if I was getting up.

Third came the stomp of Oliver. This is easy to stop. I pulled Oli down and kissed his ear until the purr made him forget that he’d been stomping.

Fourth came the blinds. Obi climbed onto the headboard and rattled the blind while he tried to look out side. This was also easily stopped with a thwunk of one finger and a firm “stop.”

Finally, the alarm went off. There was just enough time for the bath mat to get it before breakfast.


It’s Thunder Thursday!  No picture because I am in a car. But here’s an update: every day I drive by the kitty in the window. The one who had a single chair in her sunroom? Then she got a second chair for guests. Well…now she has a dining table. And the view is so much better from there.


3 responses to “The woes of snow

  1. Awww. Maybe Kitten Thunder was confused about when daylight savings time starts.

  2. It could be worse, you could live in Alaska! Their cats must eat ALL THE TIME!

  3. I just looked for the “Like” button on hoodyhoo’s comment. My name is Kelly and I’m a facebook addict.
    I must have the exception that proves the rule. Mustang Sally would rather stay in bed under the covers than get up when I do.

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