Puzzle Thunder

My grandma did puzzles. Lots of puzzles. She worked on them constantly and even did those impossible one color puzzles, puzzles with two sides, and puzzles with round edges. In a pinch she would do the puzzle brown side up. And, when the family visited, we did them with her.


I love puzzles.


So when The Boy’s mom and I were in the mall on her first day here, we picked one out. We did NOT pick a one color, rounded, difficult puzzle. But it has been a challenge all the same.


Stop. I know you are all thinking “how stupid IS this girl, to attempt a puzzle with cats in the house?” Well we went into the situation knowing full well that a piece or two might never find a home in the puzzle. That a piece or two might show up next June with a sweep of the magic toy making stick under the couch. We were aware. We were prepared.


"This thing was broken before I got here."

Actually, we are kind of surprised about how NOT disastrous the whole thing has been.


Oliver has been through once. He spent a little time last night sitting on the new cat tree to supervise, but this project has clearly been assigned to Obi. Obi is doing all the heavy lifting as far as puzzle cuteness is concerned.


Much of Obi’s efforts have been centered on holding down the pieces still in the box. If two boxes are stacked on top of one another, he will shove his arm down into the bottom box and dig. This is very helpful – it gives The Boy’s mom an opportunity to go back through and flip the  pieces right side up again.


From the box, Obi is generally able to position his tail over the main part of the puzzle. Again, very helpful. Staring at a puzzle for too long complicates things, so the flicking tail keeps your eyes moving. Very helpful, indeed.


On occasion a person just needs to change the part of the puzzle on which he or she is working. For these times, Obi would plunk on a section of puzzle. If a person wanted to rub his belly, well…two birds and one stone, they say.


Puzzle plunking generally leads to Obi being held on The Girl’s lap. There he can put a paw on individual pieces of puzzle. Sometimes he moves them to the floor, where they can be saved for a later effort. Mostly he just moves them. Lap sitting also includes ear kisses. Ear kisses are good.


Last night was one of those desperate times that called for desperate measures. The people were frustrated by the ugly flowered dress and wispy things. Pieces were not fitting no matter how many times we tried them in the spaces we KNEW they went. Obi once again stepped in to help by chewing on some pieces to get them to change their shape. The people didn’t share his long term vision, though, and stopped the chewing.


The puzzle, as mentioned, has been frustrating. The people have been saying Yay! after any piece is fitted. The  Yay!ing has now moved beyond the puzzle table to all aspects of life.



4 responses to “Puzzle Thunder

  1. Yay!

    There’s no way I could even attempt that at my house.

    • Yay!

      At my house as a kid, and the one time I tried a puzzle when Poco was alive, we have extreme measures like sheets with weights to keep the puzzle safe during break times.


      No one seems – that we can tell – to be hiding pieces away.


  2. I find I am constantly surprised when things turn out NOT disastrous around the Hoo Household!

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