Pajama day

In light of the very long week, with all the working and travel and sick kittens, Oliver and I declared today a Pajama Day. We slept in.

We reeeeaaaaally slept in.

When we got up, Obi, Oli and I ventured downstairs. They attempted to convince me they were starving. I reminded them that it was me who fed them at 7 a.m. when they thought they were starving.

So we snuggled in on the couch. When The Boy came back from the store I lost Obi to the more active person. But Oli and I remained.

And remained.

And remained.

At some point The Boy provided dinner. Which wore us out and we had to have a snuggle.

Soon – after the 20th anniversary episode of Absolutely Fabulous – we will venture off the couch. I need to take a shower and change into different pajamas in time to have a nap before bedtime.


9 responses to “Pajama day

  1. I love pajama days! Is Oli doing better?

  2. A day spent home with cats is guaranteed to be a good day. I approve.

  3. I can’t believe I missed pajama day. =( I need a day or two warning next time. Hope the kitty is better!

  4. AB FAB! I KNEW I’d forgotten to watch something!!!
    I’ve been pajamaing it up for weeks now…and the kittehs here are now ill – from all my germs – so we’re all living in one room be it curled, sprawled or sat on the furniture, floor, me. I recently threw a sarong over my coffee table as a make-shift cloth while we ate Japanese style. Now I can’t take it away as they have too much fun playing ‘warriors of fort.’

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