Sunday Snapshots and Schneezels

Today was not supposed too be another Pajama Day. But shortly after The Boy coaxed me onto the main floor with the promise of steak and eggs, I was joined on the couch by Kitten Thunder. How can I make my two fuzzies get up just because I am still in my jammies?


Speaking of jammies, I got green pajamas with kittehs on them for Christmas. They are very soft. They are a big reason why I’m being held down by Kitten Thunder. They love the soft jammies!


Oliver is very sneezey this week. Any disturbance makes him sneeze. Rolling over. Getting up. Walking across the room. Eating. Drinking. The Boy and I are tired of being sneezed on. We are tired of the schneezels.


When given the choice between a pepperoni or a pinch of shredded cheese, Obi will always pick the cheese. Brown kitten loves him some cheese.


The Christmas tree is naked and waiting for The Boy to put it away. Obi will miss it. He still plays with it every day. I will not miss scooping Christmas tree out of the litter box.


We haven’t touched the jigsaw puzzle since The Boy’s mom left. We’ve been busy. If we don’t finish it soon there will be no more pieces. Somebody keeps taking the pieces and hiding them under the rug.


That’s all for Snapshot Sunday. Happy birthday to my grandma, Kitten Thunder’s “More Grandperson!”


4 responses to “Sunday Snapshots and Schneezels

  1. You just made me realize that if I get one more thing done tonight, I could have a Pajama Day tomorrow. I think I’m going to do it.

  2. I’ve been having a pj week! It’s SO cold outside and my new pjs and warm and snuggly!! In fact, I’ve blogged about them today too lol

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