My cats are not spoiled.

In fact, Kitten Thunder endures a life of hardship.

Exhibit A.

What? You think he should lick soup out of a bowl on the floor or something?

Exhibit B.

We ARE working. This is very important for my clients.

And just in case you think only my cats have it rough, I bring you Tubbo. The most neglected of all squirrels.
Exhibit C.

As you can see he is struggling to survive the winter.


8 responses to “My cats are not spoiled.

  1. I am laughing out loud about “the most neglected of all squirrels.” Your posts never fail to crack me up!

  2. Wow – I’m feeling slightly neglected by my human… And where can I get one of those Tubbos???

  3. I’ve got to try that shadow thing.

    Poor Tubbo. Thank you for opening my eyes to the heartbreak of squirrel obesity.

  4. That squirrel is one peanut away from not being able to lift his hands to his mouth!

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